We’ve been using Advanced Viticulture for several years now, and at this point I can’t imagine farming grapes without their guidance.  With their expertise in everything from irrigation, to vine nutrition, to general vineyard management, Mark Greenspan and his team are an invaluable resource for us in our mission to craft world-class wines.

Matt Courtney, Winemaker, Arista Winery

Advanced Viticulture planted a roughly 25-acre vineyard for me and my business partner in 2014-15. They conducted the site investigation and soil analyses and designed the vineyard, which is a high-end hillside Pinot Noir and Chardonnay vineyard located in the Russian River Valley. They managed the project and did most of the work in-house, and managed the subcontractors as well. The vineyard is well on its way to production in 2017 and I feel that it will be one of the premier vineyards in the region. Alec Roser and Mark Greenspan and their team have a strong attention to detail and combine viticultural expertise with craftsman-quality construction. I feel that their company is unique to the other vineyard management companies in the area and that the vineyard they built for me will be a benchmark for other high-end hillside vineyards in Sonoma County and the north coast in general. They were easy to work with, with good communication skills, and were very honest and open with me. They continue to manage the vineyard and are taking pride in their work, which is something any good company should do. While still a small and growing company, they are truly one of the elite vineyard management companies in the region.

Michael Verlander, Partner, Winner’s Circle Vineyard

Mark is an important part of our team because he consistently produces results. His all around knowledge of climate, soil and viticulture has been invaluable to us. Especially at our most challenging sites.

Mike Benziger, Benziger Family Winery, Glen Ellen, CA

Advanced Viticulture has given us the edge to accomplish our certified sustainability goals and become more efficient with our irrigation regimes and vineyard cultural practices.  Working with Advanced Viticulture makes our wines better every vintage.

Lise Asimont, Director of Grower Relations, Francis Ford Coppola Winery

We entrusted Advanced Viticulture to advise and plant our estate vineyard and the difference is in the flavor and quality of the grapes. If quality starts in the vineyard, quality starts with Advanced Viticulture. We trust no other for site and soil analyses. Alec managed the vineyard installation professionally and made the vineyard stand apart from others in our area. Rather than dealing with issues in the vineyard for years to come, we relied on Advanced Viticulture to circumvent potential problems by answering the questions prior to installing the vineyards. The detailed site and soils report led us down a path to elevate the quality of vineyards in our area. I wouldn’t trust my vineyards installed or managed by anyone else.

Jason Goelz, Proprietor and Winemaker, Jason Stephens Winery

Advanced Viticulture has been managing my family’s Russian River Valley vineyard for 4 growing seasons. The vineyard consists of Pinot Noir, Syrah, Chardonnay, Viognier and dry-farmed old-vine Zinfandel. They have helped me to strengthen my vineyard’s health and productivity, all while maintaining and improving the wine quality from the grapes of my vineyard. They have been professional and detail-oriented throughout their tenure, applying their unique technical expertise with an ability to get the job done in a timely manner. I cannot think of any other vineyard management company that has their level of practical skills combined with strong technical viticultural skills. They have guided the fertilization and pest management themselves with their internal expertise and we have seen better performance out of our vineyard since they took over its management.

Guy Davis, Proprietor and Winemaker, Davis Family Vineyards

Advanced Viticulture has been managing our Sonoma Coast vineyard for 5 growing seasons, comprised of 100% Pinot Noir vines. Our vineyard has benefited greatly from their efforts, virtually eliminating any disease problems, cleaning up the vineyard floor and nursing some of the weaker areas into economically-viable production. They are very detail-oriented and have technical skills that many other vineyard management companies lack. This is important because they are able to farm our vineyard with some limitations with respect to irrigation and fertilization, which had been challenging for us before they became involved. The team is professional, knowledgeable & accessible. Their workforce is efficient and operates in a safe manner. They have worked within tight budgets with success. The production and quality of our vineyard has increased during their time managing the vineyard. The fruit value is up tremendously since they have taken over management and we have contracts with high-end wineries that we expect to continue based on their development of good customer relations.

Jennifer Crane, Owner, Crane Family Vineyard

We have been working with Advanced Viticulture for five years. We needed advice to bring our vineyard to a higher level of fruit quality and solve special plant/soil nutrient issues. We have found that Mark’s advice on vine nutrition, plant moisture management and trellising has enabled us to improve the fruit quality to the level we were seeking. He is a strong proponent of using detailed scientific data on plants to confirm visual observation of plant nutrition issues which is a practice that we now regard highly.

Donald Hofer, Kiler Canyon Vineyards, Paso Robles, CA

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Mark Greenspan, Ph.D over the years on numerous projects addressing different issues. In each situation his insights, advice and open-mindedness served us well. I would have no hesitation recommending his services and look forward to our ongoing collaborations.

Alan York, International Advisor on Biodynamic Winegrowing

Advanced Viticulture has added value in making recommendations for operations that have resulted in improved vineyard health and increased production of high quality fruit.

Bruce Conzelman, Conzelman Vineyards, Anderson Valley, CA

Advanced Viticulture has supplemented our company’s technical viticulture effort for the last three years. Specifically, Advanced Viticulture has helped us with staff training, technology investigations, and viticulture research projects. Advanced Viticulture helps insure that Walsh will stay sharp and continue to provide excellent service to clients.

Towle Merritt, Viticulturist, Walsh Vineyards Management