Advanced Viticulture

We are proud to have developed strong working relationships with the following companies:

Ranch Systems – We have enjoyed a partnership with Ranch Systems longer than any other company. Headquartered in Novato, California, Ranch Systems manufactures weather stations and wireless vineyard control systems. They can monitor soil moisture (connection to Aquacheck and other probes), irrigation system status, water depth, and local weather, while providing irrigation system automation for vineyards and other farms. Advanced Viticulture is an authorized reseller and installer, supporting all applications, and specializing in water management and control technologies.


AquaCheck – There are many soil moisture sensor manufacturers out there, and we have identified Aquacheck as being among the most reliable and affordable devices on the market. Building on capacitance technology, Aquacheck manufactures probes with 4 or 6 sensors built into a sealed unit, to provide sensitive and reliable soil moisture information for years. Advanced Viticulture is an authorized reseller and installer and we specialize in the installation of these devices even in tough, rocky soils.


Davis Instruments – Based in Hayward, California, they are a manufacturer of weather station instruments and have been in business for over 50 years. Their new Enviromonitor system combines weather stations with other monitoring capabilities, not the least of which is connectivity to the Aquacheck soil moisture probes. Their system is very low cost and the online user interface is simple and clear. Advanced Viticulture is an authorized reseller and installer for Davis Instruments.

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WiseConn – Based in Chile, but with local offices in California, they manufacture wireless telemetry and control devices, specializing in wireless irrigation system control under their DropControl brand. They integrate soil moisture, valve and pump control, fertigation control and weather data into a sophisticated, but easy-to-use online control portal. Advanced Viticulture is an authorized reseller and installer for DropControl products.

Meter / Decagon – Soil moisture monitoring, plant water status measurement and other crop and soil measurement technologies. The Leaf Porometer is a shining example of their plant water status product that we use extensively in our operations. Advanced Viticulture is an authorized distributor of their products in Northern California.


Sitech/Trimble – A technology provider, and this relationship is focused on soil-based spatial technologies (SIS) to create high-resolution spatial maps of soil properties. Advanced Viticulture is a reseller for this technology.

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